New Spam filters help reduce phishing attempts

Illustration has a laptop with the text "Spam Email" on it and a can of Spam next to the laptop.

Technology Solutions has been working on several fronts to improve email security and protect the UIC community from increasing cyber-threats.

Effective Saturday, May 29, 2021, email routing to was updated to improve overall UIC email delivery security. As a result of this change, UIC email users may see more email routed to Junk Email or Spam folders.

  • Email that is detected to contain malware or phishing scams is discarded.
  • Email judged to be spam will be sent to your “Junk Email” folder (in Outlook/Exchange) and “Spam” folder (in Gmail).
  • Potential spam sent through UIC listservs will have a ***SPAM*** tag prepended to its original subject in Exchange.

While spam filters are continually updated for effectiveness, spammers also continually develop new techniques to get past those filters. You may sometimes see spam make it to your inbox, and may also find email that isn’t spam in your Junk Email/Spam folder.

We suggest that you periodically check your Junk Email/Spam folder in case any messages are incorrectly marked as spam, and report any phishing attempts that do make it to your inbox to

Learn more about the SPAM filter and how to check your junk folder in Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

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