New VoiceThread assignment features

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Have you ever wished you could do more with grading in VoiceThread? Or carry on student discussion after their comments have been graded? VoiceThread has recently added some features to assignments that make it more user-friendly for both faculty and students

  1. Point value grading. Make a VoiceThread assignment worth a specific number of points instead of using percentage grading. You can set the points possible in the “assessment” section when you are creating the assignment.
  2. Ability to set different due dates and closing dates. This allows students to submit late work, up to the date that the VoiceThread closes and becomes unavailable.
  3. Threaded replies. Now students can keep the conversation going even after they have submitted their initial comment.
  4. New location for importing from other VoiceThreads. Now you can import slides directly from the main slide import page, making it easier and faster to use.

To read more about these and other recent updates to VoiceThread, visit this article on VoiceThread Assignments.

More information about VoiceThread can be found on the EdTech section of the CATE website.

For questions about VoiceThread, contact the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence support team at

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