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Gina Gaston

March 28, 2013

‘Cultural competence’ helps providers treat HIV

Black HIV patients who report better health believe social influences matter.

March 26, 2013

Asian American Awareness Month at UIC

Events include music, performances, lectures and presentations.

Shoes and pants at a thrift store

March 22, 2013

Resale shops thrive despite eBay competition

A new study says Chicago’s second-hand stores support regular retail by unloading unwanted goods.

Song Yuyu

March 20, 2013

Body’s own defenses might stop ALS onset

A chemical found in cells may be harnessed to help the body fight neurodegenerative disease.

Exhibit Room

March 19, 2013

Hull-House Museum honored for creativity

“Unfinished Business” links current and past activism in domestic labor.

Maria Barolina

March 19, 2013

Seeking new treatments for an incurable cancer

Maria Barbolina is one of six U.S. scientists honored by the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

March 12, 2013

Hall of Fame honors 11 entrepreneurs

The University of Illinois at Chicago’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies […]

students hugging after getting their med school matches

March 11, 2013

Match Day at UIC

March 15 is a big day for fourth-year students in the College of Medicine.

Sylvia Puente

March 7, 2013

Latino advocate speaks on paradoxes in Illinois

Sylvia Puente says Illinois Latinos are succeeding and struggling equally at unprecedented levels.

Thank You for Your Service exhibit

March 7, 2013

Military veterans, reservists meet for dialogue

Intergenerational gathering offers chance to share experiences.