No roadblocks for winter riding

Winter biking

Ride safely in winter by wearing appropriate clothes and making sure tires are in good condition. Photo: S.K.Vemmer/UIC News

Despite the chilly and snowy winter weather, commuters in and around the Chicago area are still biking.

“UIC is a really great place to ride your bike to,” said Michael Young, operations manager of West Town Bikes.

Young explained how to ride a bike safely during the winter season during the “Winter Biking 101” seminar Jan. 16 at the Commuter Student Resource Center, sponsored by the Office of Sustainability.

“Ride something you’re confident in,” Young said. “It doesn’t have to be anything special.”

To ensure that the bike is in working condition, make sure it has full fenders to keep away street water.

“Plus,” he said, “it will save a lot of wear on the bike.”

In addition to having two brakes, a bicycle should also have brake pads.

“I don’t have to run the stop signs because I stop,” Samir Chabra said about the benefit of having good brake pads.

As far as tires, “the bigger the better for traction,” Young said.

Bicyclists must also wear appropriate clothing for the cold weather. Young suggested wearing three layers of clothing. Wool, synthetic and silk materials are great but “cotton is the enemy,” Young said.

While getting dressed, keep the image of a tube in mind, he said.

“You only want vents at your neck and wrists,” Young said.

For more tips and upcoming bike-related events on campus, follow I BIKE UIC on Facebook.

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