Not afraid of competition

“We accept that we live in a world where we’re being measured, and we’re not afraid to compete.”

Mark Mackey, UI Hospital vice chair of emergency medicine, on the hospital’s efforts to reduce emergency room waiting times after a study found the hospital has the fifth-longest wait in the Chicago area, Crain’s Chicago Business


“Usually nondisabled people are told not to stare. It creates almost a hypervisibility and an invisibility at the same time. What the festival does is say, ‘Hey, look at us — we have something to say that’s not what you think it is.'”

Carrie Sandahl, associate professor of disability and human development, on the Bodies of Work festival May 15 through 26, May 9 Chicago Tribune


“A woman-at-the-top approach can bring some advances, but it’s always useful to think about ‘What’s the context?’ ‘What would do the most good for women?'”

Judith Kegan Gardiner, professor emerita of English and gender and women’s studies, on a documentary film about inspirational women professionals, May 13 Chicago Tribune

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