One month update

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My staff — including fellow blogger Sarah! — beating each other with fun noodles…part of training.

I’ve been back at school since the 10th of August, and this week marks a month since classes began. These weeks have flown by faster than I could have ever expected them to, and that means that a month is gone from my senior year. So much has happened since being back!

It all started with training, as every year has for the past three. This time, my training was slightly difference because I am now a senior RA, sort of like an RA to the RAs. We didn’t get much training outside of the regular training, but it was still different than previous years.

Once training was winding down, Kevin’s 21st birthday snuck up on us. His family came down for dinner and cake and we had a night off and a chance to go out with friends.

Kevin’s internship at Entertainment Cruises gave him passes to a dinner cruise on Odyssey, one of their boats. This was so fantastic and we had such a great time. The food was out of this world and the view was to die for. It was an entirely new perspective on the skyline since I’m always seeing it from the other direction, or at least on land. It was the perfect break from the real world and just a great way to get away for a few hours. I’m really glad I got to have that experience.

Holly Brenza blog

The view from the boat.

The following weekend was a big one. Kevin’s parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony and reception. All of their hard work made it turn out very nice, and Kevin and I were thrilled to get to eat all of the food we taste-tested over the summer again! The same weekend, my mom celebrated a big birthday. She’d be really upset with me if I disclosed how old she turned, but it was a big deal! It was nice to be able to celebrate and relax with my family amidst the crazy that was the beginning of the year. She also finally got the DSLR camera she’s been wanting since hers broke years ago.

After all of this fun, classes and all of the associated work came crashing through. So far, I am really enjoying all of my classes and am happy to be taking them in my second to last semester. I know it’s still early so I shouldn’t even say this, but I don’t feel super bogged down in school work just yet. Hopefully I just have a lighter courseload this semester.

Along with my classes came the start of my internship. I am working with the Alumni Association here at UIC. It’s been so fantastic so far and I am really enjoying it. On my first day, I was welcomed into the office with a sign on my door and a fully decorated desk. I was so happy to be there and am excited for the coming months.


Sox game!

Just recently, I got to go to two White Sox games with my friends. We had such a great time, not to mention the fact that the Sox won both games. We may have been a little bit cold out there when the temperature dropped into the low 50s, but we had so much fun that it wasn’t a big deal (the excitement of the games may have helped a little…) After the games, it was a fireworks night, so we got to see that, too. Overall, it was an awesome day.

There are a few things that are coming up…and fast. I’m definitely looking forward to them and seeing what else is in store!

  • My birthday…not ready to feel 22….
  • Midterms (ugh)
  • Halloween (candy!)
  • For real Fall (no more of this back and forth weather) 

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. On Kevin’s birthday weekend, one of our close friends from home passed away. He was one of the absolute happiest souls I have ever been fortunate to know, and he made my life and so many, many others’ lives that much better. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and miss him.


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