Panopto ‘Click to sign in’ workaround

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Due to a Chrome update, since June 2021, users who are attempting to watch a video which has any permissions associated with it will now be asked to sign in within Blackboard. Once users are signed in, they can play the video. CATE staff has reported the problem to Panopto and are continuing to work on a permanent fix to restore original functionality.

In the meantime, if your Panopto video link in Blackboard only shows a black screen saying “Click to sign in and play video” instead of showing Panopto video content, follow this two-step guide.

More than likely, you will need to enable cookies and disable your pop-up blocker. For Mac/iOS users, please be sure to turn off Prevent Cross-Site Tracking since Panopto integrates with Blackboard; if enabled, this feature prevents Panopto from connecting properly.

If none of the steps from the guide work, please be sure to contact us at with the following information:

  1. A video documenting the lack of access as well as all pertinent settings disabled/enabled
  2. A link of the video you were trying to access
  3. Whether or not private browsing worked

We understand that this is not ideal and will continue to work with Panopto for a permanent solution.

More information about Panopto can be found on the EdTech section of the CATE website.

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