Political science students speak up on issues

Joseph Berrios

Cook County assessor Joseph Berrios addresses students’ top issues. Photo: Timothy Nguyen

By Timothy Nguyen

UIC political science students gathered in Student Center East Nov. 15 to discuss local and national issues with public officials during the National Issues Convention.

From the beginning of the convention, we were divided into four groups so we could have small debate sessions within our group.

My group debated extensively about healthcare coverage, Chicago public school funding and the crumbling of the family structure.

Halfway through the convention, all of the groups came together back in the Cardinal Room and a representative from each group explained their group’s five most important issues.

After all representatives talked students voted on the most important issues and Cook County assessor Joseph Berrios went up to the stage and gave us his opinion on each issue.

From this experience, I learned that UIC students can come up with issues and possibly make a powerful change in the Chicago area.


• Timothy Nguyen is a freshman in 

computer science

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