Hospitals prepare for Ebola threat

Susan Bleasdale

Susan Bleasdale, medical director of infection control at UI Health.

“Everyone here is on high alert.”

Susan Bleasdale, medical director of infection control at UI Health, on the hospital’s preparations for Ebola, Oct. 1 Chicago Tribune


“Whether either partner of a couple earns more would be less important than assuring that each could thrive alone if necessary, that parents would be able to provide secure futures for their children and that both members of a couple could balance productive work, family obligations and leisure.”

Judith Kegan Gardiner, professor emerita of English and gender and women’s studies, on the future of relationships,October 2014 Today’s Chicago Woman


“Creating a safe environment is good for everyone in the schools.”

Stacey Horn, professor of educational psychology, on support for LGBT students in school, Oct. 3 Catalyst


“I think that the research of many of my colleagues has been in turn enriched by the life stories of these students. ­There’s a very sound and very productive partnership that has occurred between faculty and students.”

Maria de los Angeles Torres, professor of Latin American and Latino studies and executive director of the Inter-University Program for Latino Research, on cultural studies and Latino student activism, Oct. 1 Diverse: Issues in Higher Education


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