Quarter-life crisis

“Nothing feels safe and stable. Part of it is not only that there are no jobs or few jobs for young college graduates, but there’s no belief in a long-term labor contract anymore.”

Barbara Risman, professor and head of sociology, on millennials experiencing a “quarter-life crisis,” May 14 CBS 2 News


“If I were the god of reading in Columbus, I’d do two things: I’d work on preschool … and then you can work on the K-3 piece. But if you don’t do the preschool piece with the K-3, it’ll be even harder.”

William Teale, professor of curriculum and instruction, on the likelihood that poor early reading skills in kindergarten will leave a student behind in third grade, May 19 Columbus Dispatch


“Aldermen are being caught between pressures of their communities, and going along with the mayor and having a nice chummy time at City Hall. At some point, over some issue, that may fracture the council.”

Political science professor Dick Simpson on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s relationship with the Chicago City Council, May 16 WBEZ-FM

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