Pink and blue

“Children have learned when something is pink, it is only for girls.”

Barbara Risman, professor and head of sociology, on a move by toymakers to market across gender lines, Feb. 13 Wall Street Journal


“Education remains one of the vehicles by which citizens can attain financial and social ability within America. However, it remains politically charged with an increasing potential for widening the school-class divide.”

Cassandra McKay-Jackson, assistant professor of social work, on the increased number of charter schools in Chicago, Feb. 25


“It’s a female-dominated job, it’s in the service industry, and it’s caring work. Caring work is undervalued, and they’re taking for granted that you care so much you’re going to be there no matter what.”

Sharon Mastracci, associate professor of public administration, on complaints of low pay by Weight Watchers workers, Feb. 25 New York Times 

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