Supermarket sweepstakes







“This will become another of those very unfortunate Chicago cases of the public being duped by an empty promise.”

Jim Peters, adjunct lecturer in urban planning and policy, on the likelihood that Northwestern University will not build immediately on the site of Prentice Pavilion, which was denied landmark status, Nov. 1 Chicago Sun-Times

“Low enrollment doesn’t just happen. CPS under-enrolls schools. They draw away students from neighborhood schools by surrounding them with charters.”

Pauline Lipman, professor of educational policy studies, at a protest against the planned closing of under-enrolled public schools, Nov. 2 Chicago Sun-Times

“The basic issue is that retail is a pretty fixed market, and as a result people are fighting over a pie that isn’t going to expand much. It’s not likely to be an economic developer or bring a lot of new jobs into the city.”

Joseph Persky, professor of economics, talks about a new supermarket opening in the West Loop, Oct. 31 Chicago Journal

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