Researcher of the Year Stephanie Cologna

Stephanie Cologna
Stephanie Cologna. Photo: Joshua Clark

Stephanie Cologna
Rising Star, Basic Life Sciences
Assistant professor of chemistry

Years at UIC: 5

What are your research interests?
My research encompasses using mass spectrometry to unnderstand protein and lipid alterations in genetic, neurodegenerative disorders. 

How did you become interested in these topics?
My research program at UIC has evolved based upon my previous research experiences. My doctoral research was in method development and mass spectrometry. Following my Ph.D., I was trained in utilizing mass spectrometry to study genetic disorders in a translational laboratory. 

What do you teach?
I teach CHEM 421 (Instrumental Analysis) and CHEM 522 (Techniques in Mass Spectrometry & Surface Analysis).

How do you balance teaching and research?
One of the motivating factors for me to be in academia was to work with young scientists. My position in the Department of Chemistry allows for my interactions to be both in the classroom and laboratory settings. I try to set aside times to focus on each of my responsibilities to allow for success in both my teaching and research.

What’s your advice to students who want to focus their future careers on research?
Be curious! Research can be hard, but curiosity and passion can take you far, don’t give up. 

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