Resources and Guides for Faculty Teaching Online

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) has developed a collection of resources and guides available to instructors teaching online. The content includes the following categories:

OnlinePedagogy-news, Teaching in an Echo360 enabled classroom
  1. Course quality and universal design best practices

This section provides practical advice to make online and remote courses more welcoming and inclusive for students with disabilities, including the UIC updated template and QM resources to ensure quality in courses with specific standards from the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric, Sixth Edition.

  1. Online teaching strategies

This section outlines student engagement strategies adapted for online synchronous, asynchronous, and socially-distanced classrooms. It includes specific advice on using whiteboards, document cameras, and strategies to encourage the use of student cameras to keep students engaged and active.

  1. Tutorials and online courses

For instructors new to online teaching, this section presents two full courses available to UIC instructors: one course developed by CATE instructional designers and one course available to UIC as part of our institutional Quality Matters membership.

Access all of these resources from the CATE website at and learn more about Quality Matters (QM) and other organizations that support online learning and UIC instructors have access here: For questions about online teaching best practices, contact the CATE staff at

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