In the news: reviewing ‘Summer Vault’

"Summer Vault," a lakefront kiosk designed by faculty and students

“Summer Vault,” a lakefront kiosk designed by UIC architects and commissioned by the Chicago Architecture Biennial, was reviewed by Chicago Tribune critic Blair Kamin.


“The complex geometry creates ever-shifting profiles as you move around the kiosk. The screens, diagonally canted, suggest large-scale courses of brick and add enriching shade and shadow patterns.”

A review by architecture critic Blair Kamin of the “Summer Vault” kiosk co-designed by Paul Preissner, interim director of the School of Architecture, for the Chicago Architecture Biennial, Oct. 23 Chicago Tribune



“I’m really interested to see what role the different types of fish sauces play. I’m also interested in the practice of eating the whole fish including the organs and sometimes the bones.”

Susan Buchanan, clinical associate professor of environmental and occupational health sciences, on how fish consumption and elevated mercury levels affects Chicago’s Asian population, Oct. 30 WBEZ-FM



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