Share your language story

Students gathered in UIC building

Students, alumni and employees can share their journey of learning and speaking other languages to an online project called “My UIC Language Story.”

The online collection of stories showcases the languages that the UIC community understands and speaks and how those languages tie people to the past, present and future at UIC and at home, said Elizabeth Dolly Weber, director of the UIC Language and Culture Learning Center.

“I created My UIC Language Story to make more visible the fact that UIC’s strength comes from its embrace and celebration of diversity of all kinds,” said Weber, who also directs Language Peer Tutoring and the French Basic Language Program.

UIC offers 14 languages students can study, and the Language and Culture Center hosts weekly events such as French Conversation Hour, Piazza Italiana, Japanese Conversation hour, and more.

“In the current political environment, some may feel marginalized or seek to blend in, and my hope is that My UIC Language Story is a project that encourages our UIC community to honor and publicize the ways that linguistic and cultural diversity make UIC strong,” Weber said.

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