Sharing tradition at Day of the Dead

Danielle Nehmer decorating a sugar skull for Day of the Dead

Danielle Nehmer decorates a sugar skull for the Day of the Dead celebration. — Photo: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin

Students shared knowledge and tradition while remembering loved ones for the Day of the Dead Oct. 29.

Participants decorated sugar skulls, made paper flowers and banners and told stories during the event, cosponsored by the Latino Cultural Center and Mexican Students de Aztlan.

“It’s cool to discuss what Dia de los Muertos means rather than just having students paint their faces,” said sophomore Andrea Carrillo, an intern at the Latino Cultural Center. “Events like these not only allow students to take part in the tradition but also give them background.”

Festive music played, lights were dimmed and a stage in the front of the room was filled with framed photos, decorated candles, cultural artifacts and colorfully painted sugar skulls.

Sophomore Kevin Peralta said the event allowed him to explore his culture.

“I am Mexican but I feel like I’ve lost a bit of my culture,” he said. “Meeting all these great people and hearing music like this feels like I’m home.”


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