Spring 2020 Undergraduate Grading Policy Credit / No Credit opt in process

Dear Students:

Provost Susan Poser communicated March 29, 2020, regarding grading changes for Spring 2020 for undergraduates due to the COVID-19 crisis.  Her e-mail can be found at the UIC Today web page of https://today.uic.edu/undergraduate-grading-policy-for-spring-2020-semester.  I write today to share how students can access a system to elect a Credit / No Credit grading option for a class.

Please proceed to the Registrar website at https://registrar.uic.edu/registration/ and select the Credit / No Credit Request link.  Instructions follow once you log in.

As the Provost earlier stated in her e-mail, it is important to consult with your college advisor if you have concerns about moving to a Credit / No Credit grade.  For instance, students with Pre-Professional, Education, Nursing, and “Teaching of” majors or educational goals should check in with an advisor to understand whether a Credit / No Credit option is available based on licensing practices for the discipline.

Critical things to keep in mind are that students can elect  a Credit / No Credit option until Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 11:59 pm; once the Credit / No Credit election is made, it cannot be reversed; and, a course taken as Credit / No Credit will not be calculated into GPA.  Finally, for every course, and regardless of whether a student elects to take the course as Credit/No Credit, a grade of D will automatically be recorded on the student’s transcript as Credit (CR), and a grade of F will be recorded as No Credit (NC). In other words, no student will receive a D or F on their transcript for any Spring 2020 course.

If there are questions about use of the form itself to elect a Credit / No Credit option, please e-mail registration@uic.edu.  Best wishes on your studies as the University is navigating the COVID-19 crisis.


Robert Dixon

UIC Registrar

For more information, please contact:
Robert Dixon

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