Stories of citizenship inspire cultural event

Kemi Bello

Kemi Bello, poet

The University of Illinois at Chicago Latino Cultural Center presents “Shadows then Light: Cultural Citizenship on the Ground,” an intercultural event featuring music, photography, spoken word and storytelling.


Nov. 20
5:30 – 7 p.m.


UIC Latino Cultural Center
Lecture Center B2
803 S. Halsted St.


The event explores creative processes and practices inspired by the immigration movement and how undocumented students and community activists are challenging ideas of citizenship.

Spoken word performances will be delivered by Michael Reyes, Stephanie Camba and Kemi Bello.

The program is part of Migration & Transformation, a project led by the UIC Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change, which highlights the different migration experiences of people living in the U.S. and how those experiences shape their identities and sense of belonging in society.

Admission is free. For more information, call (312) 996-3095.

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