Where to go when you need help

Student Services Building

The Student Services Building houses a variety of offices that can help students.


I know where to go when I am facing an issue at school. That is important because no one wants to go through issues alone. Here at UIC, my help is just a five-minute walk from the campus. When I first began attending UIC, I was introduced to a building called the Student Services Building. The name tells it all.

The building houses services such as tutoring, counseling, academic advising and financial aid. If you seek tutoring, there are about at least four offices that you can go to on any given day to receive help with any class. I have seen students receiving help with science, math and English. Programs such as the AAAN and LARES have tutors throughout the week. Students who need psychological help should utilize the Counseling Center.

Every student is given an academic adviser who can help you understand your collegiate experiences. If you don’t know who your academic adviser is, then you should find out and establish a relationship with that person because they will help you understand confusing things about the university.

During my freshman year, I continuously went to my academic adviser. He explained what was confusing to me. I was in SSB practically the entire freshman year and that is because of the importance of freshman year. I made it through my freshman year because I knew where I could find help and I got help.

Speaking of SSB, it’s time for me to get back over there and check in with my adviser.


Matthew Maggit (F)


Matthew Maggit is a sophomore in accounting in the College of Business Administration. Matthew decided to come to UIC because of the business program’s reputation and because he wanted to study at a campus with a diverse atmosphere. He likes how close the campus is to downtown Chicago and Willis Tower. In his free time, he surrounds himself with loved ones, and he enjoys sports and going to the gym.


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