Students create designs for pop-up library

Industrial design students have created three different concepts for a UIC pop-up library with help from industrial design faculty and library staff. Photo: Fan Wang

Members of the UIC community can cast their votes now for their favorite pop-up library design created by students.  

View the designs in the Daley Library or online and vote through April 26. Winners will be announced May 1.

“The pop-up library in its inception is designed for us to find ways to bring the library to people on campus,” said Teresa Helena Moreno, visiting lecturer and undergraduate engagement coordinator in the Daley Library.

“It increases our visibility to the students,” added Jennifer Jackson, assistant professor and undergraduate engagement librarian.

Six weeks ago, juniors in industrial design from the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts established teams and got to work on designing a model pop-up library. They students met weekly with industrial design faculty, submitted their designs to be reviewed and received feedback. Three groups advanced and are presenting their designs for public voting.

“This has a real outcome and implication so that you are working on a project in school that then can become a reality — a reality in your own environment,” TJ O’Keefe, clinical assistant professor of industrial design.

“It’s a great thing when distinct departments for the university can collaborate to build something that is a part of their shared identity, that has shared values.”

The project is an initiative of the Undergraduate Engagement Program at the UIC Library and College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts

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