Students find their fit at Involvement Fair

2017 Involvement Fair

The Involvement Fair gives students an introduction to campus groups. Photo: Jenny Fontaine

As one of the most inclusive welcome back events of the year, UIC’s Involvement Fair this week provided students with a convenient and fun way to collect information about the university’s wide variety of offerings.

The annual event, held Wednesday and Thursday in the Lecture Center Plaza, featured more than 200 student organization, campus departments and neighboring businesses. Students gathered in the heart of the east side of campus throughout the two-day period to introduce or reacquaint themselves with UIC’s diverse selection of involvement opportunities.

“I think it was really useful to get the word out about our club, so people know we exist,” said Anjali Chacko, vice president of UIC’s Red Shoes Review. Chacko, a junior in neuroscience, spent the days welcoming intrigued students to her table and inviting them to contribute to a collective poem in the spirit of the literary and arts magazine.

The in-person introductions helped create an impression of the character of an organization that could otherwise be lost online, Chacko said.

In addition to information booths, this year’s event featured fun activities such as a rolling log competition, a high striker, and an abundance of free food to accompany it all.

In line for the highly sought-after funnel cake, Klaudia Zychowska reflected on her experience at Involvement Fair as a transfer student.

“I feel very invited to the campus,” said Zychowska, a junior in English, who also got a free henna tattoo during the event. “I love that they include things outside of clubs and I learned a lot going to the fair.”

While students can easily spend the first couple weeks of school preoccupied with learning their syllabi and the directions to their classes, Involvement Fair gives them a chance to extend their learning outside of the classroom.

“I learned about a bunch of clubs that I haven’t heard of before,” said Jennifer Pang, a freshman majoring in accounting. Pang, who looks forward to joining UIC’s Korean-American Student Association, said she also made a lot of new friends during the event. “Without Involvement Fair, I wouldn’t know another big opportunity to meet people,” Pang said.

This year’s Involvement Fair was extended to two days, giving students ample time to meet people and visit information tables between classes.

To stay updated with UIC’s organizations, visit their profiles on UIC Connection.

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