Vote for trustee, USG candidates in student elections

L-R: student trustee candidates Danielle Leibowitz and Abhinav Reddy; USG president candidates Brandon Gaskew, Jacob Schulz, Polatip Subanajouy


By Michael Queroz 

Each year, UIC holds campuswide student elections for the student member of the university’s Board of Trustees and the Undergraduate Student Government assembly.

Vote online today and Thursday.

Student trustee candidates

• Danielle Leibowitz (junior, education): My mission is for students to have a wonderful experience at UIC, which is why I am in constant communication with students and administrators to ensure productive dialogue that leads to necessary change. Serving as the current student trustee, I have gained a deep understanding of the university’s functioning and priorities, and have built strong working relationships that will catalyze my initiatives in the coming year. With a year of experience leading efforts on campus, as well as at our state and nation’s capitol, I am prepared to have a highly effective second term.

• Abhinav Reddy (sophomore, engineering): I am serving as president of the Undergraduate Student Government and this experience gives me a unique insight of students’ needs and the means to fulfill those needs. In the upcoming year, I want to serve on the Board of Trustees to advocate for students at the highest level possible on our campus. My top priorities will be ensuring that the university is fiscally responsible so that we can continue providing quality education without raising tuition and advocating for student safety here on our campus. Vote for me because I am Reddy to Serve UIC!

USG President candidates

• Brandon Gaskew (junior, political science): Students at UIC come from many social and economic backgrounds, and I am running for president of the Undergraduate Student Government to ensure that students continues to get the resources they deserve. I currently am the chairman of the appropriations committee, and my duties are managing the USG budget and providing student orgs with travel funding. My priorities if elected are to bring to the public forum social issues on campus we ignore, provide students with better access to university administrators, and to ensure students can access their student government representatives. I want to be a president students can relate to.

• Jacob Schulz (junior, urban planning and public affairs): I am running for the position of Undergraduate Student Government president because I seek a change for current and future UIC students. I will provide effective leadership, visibility among the student body, and accountability for the USG and the university. My past and current leadership experiences include being vice president of the Student Centers Board, student supervisor of the Commuter Student Resource Center, and chair of the Grounds Maintenance and Infrastructure Committee for the USG. I believe I have gained a sufficient amount of leadership experience from these positions which will enable me to successfully lead the Undergraduate Student Government.

• Polatip Subanajouy (sophomore, physics and philosophy): The irresistible force will meet the immovable object March 12 and 13, and the undergraduates of the University of Illinois at Chicago will be charged with the excellent duty of conferring their highest honor upon an individual who must steer our ship of state through the tremendous waves before us into the 21st century. As president of the Government of the Undergraduate, I will secure the strength of the undergraduates by proposing a new constitution, one with all the power and might, to supply the architecture from which we may build a league of education unrivaled in our history.

• Michael Queroz is chair of the USG Communications & Recruitment Committee. Reach him at

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