Summer Session a time to get ahead

Jillian Sachen and Monika Mulica

Biochemistry majors Monika Mulica and Jillian Sachen study at the Daley Library. Mulica is taking a summer class in sociology; Sachen is taking calculus II. Photo: Alex Rauch

As the summer session begins this week, many students are returning to campus, looking to get that much closer to earning their degree.

Students have three summer enrollment options: a rigorous 4-week session, which started Monday; an 8-week session, which begins June 17; or both sessions.

“Summer offers students more flexibility with the two sessions that can be taken individually or combined to cover a full academic load manageably,” said Natalie Kokorudz, assistant director of summer session.

The eight-week session offers more than 300 undergraduate classes; nearly 100 are offered in the four-week session.

Although spending four weeks on material that normally would be covered in a semester might seem daunting, students find an upside to the shortened period, Kokorudz said.

“Many students have told us that although it’s intense, they love taking the four-week session because it really lets them focus on one course and finish it quickly,” she said.

About 1,500 undergraduates and 200 graduate students are enrolled for the four-week session this summer. An additional 5,600 students are enrolled in the eight-week session.

“The campus wants to make sure that students can make progress toward graduation,” she said. “It’s a great option for students who need to catch up or want to get ahead in their studies.”

Registration for the 8-week summer session ends June 21. For more information visit

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