All Alzheimer’s

May 10, 2013

UIC Graduate Student Wins Doolen Scholarship

Award supports aging-related research

Mary Jo LaDu

February 19, 2013

New Alzheimer’s test may identify those at risk

New method quantifies toxic molecule in human brain tissue and special lab mice.

Lee Friedman

November 28, 2012

Alcohol and injuries

“The overall net impact appears to be that alcohol is protective following an injury.”

Mary Jo LaDu

November 8, 2012

New, Improved Mouse Model of Human Alzheimer’s May Enable Drug Discovery

Researchers have developed a transgenic mouse that carries a human gene known to increase risk of Alzheimer’s 15-fold. The new mouse, which mimics the genetics of the human disease more closely than any existing model, provides new evidence for the earliest cause of Alzheimer’s and may prove more useful in the development of drugs to prevent or treat the disease.

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