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Bob & Cheryl, peregrine falcons

July 14, 2015

UIC falcon enthusiasts swoop in to rescue fledgling

Young peregrine needs help after leaving nest atop University Hall

June 16, 2015

Falcon chicks meet their namesakes at banding

Newest UIC peregrines named for retired university president, wife

May 19, 2015

Falcons return to hatch two chicks in nest on UH ledge

Peregrine parents probably regulars Nitz and Mouse

Emily Minor

April 21, 2015

Make your backyard a home for the birds

Private yards important to diversity of native species, researchers say

Emily Minor

April 9, 2015

Make your home a home for the birds

How residential landscaping can bring birds to your neighborhood

Peregrine falcon Nitz

September 2, 2014

Young falcons take flight, but look for adults next year

Nitz and Mouse likely to return to campus in spring

August 19, 2014

Young falcons head off to the wild blue yonder

Watch for Nitz and Mouse, now empty-nesters, to return in spring

Nitz and Mouse keep their chicks from the ledge of UH

June 24, 2014

Learning to fly

UIC’s three peregrine falcon chicks are trading their fluff for feathers.

Adult peregrine falcon feeds chick

June 17, 2014

UIC’s peregrine falcon family: eating, growing, banding

Three chicks on University Hall ledge soon ready for first flight

June 15, 2014

Falcon babies grow big and fat

Falcon chicks eat and eat, to grow and grow

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