Taking advantage of events

Matthew Maggit

Take advantage of all the events UIC has to offer, says blogger Matthew Maggit. Photo: Jenny Fontaine

There is always something going on at UIC. The programs and organizations on campus do a good job of hosting events for the students, and there are a variety of events.

I have gone to quite a few. Some events are geared toward educational purposes like learning how to create a résumé, complete a scholarship application, or just study nights before midterms and finals. Other events help you understand your finances. I appreciate events like these because they answer a lot of questions that students have, especially concerning financial aid. Then there are some events that are for students to relax and get away from the studying.

Events are sent through our UIC email accounts and many times just require a reservation that can be completed online. Just make sure you show up for the event. I usually come to the events with questions to ask because that is the best time to get them answered. As a student, you pay for a lot in your tuition to attend UIC. I believe that students should take more advantage of the free events because they are included in your tuition.

I recently went to a round table discussion hosted by the CHANCE program hosted the event. Dr. Katherine Archuleta serves as the Director of Personnel Management. She is the first Latina to hold her position. Her purpose driven mission is to create a diverse workplace.  She spoke on the fact that the federal government is the largest employer in the country and informed us that she is looking for employees. This is an example of the opportunities that come with attending events. You never know who you will meet at the events. You just have to get involved and network.

Why you are pursuing your education, you should be positioning yourself for an internship or job opportunity. UIC events provide them for you!

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