Taking over as teacher

photo 4(7)This week in preschool, we continued to study dinosaurs. We sang a dinosaur song using dinosaur stick puppets with the children moving the dinosaurs in different positions such as up, down, behind, in front, etc. At the art table, the children used the dinosaurs to make dinosaur prints. They dipped the feet in paint and made tracks on the paper. They loved that!

We also have been learning about ourselves, each other and all about our bodies. The children counted their hands and feet and moved to a song called “2 feet.” We moved our feet in different ways, like walking, running, marching, sliding, dancing. We read a book called “I Like Me” by Nancy Carlson. Each student looked in the mirror and told us or pointed at what they saw. We also read “From Head to Toe” by Eric Carle and the children moved their bodies in different ways like in the book.

We used the wood pieces from the Handwriting Without Tears program to make “Mat Man.” We made his head, body, arms, legs, etc.

At table time, the children matched colors and numerals with a dinosaur match activity and they also worked on counting.

On Friday, the children worked together to follow a recipe to make red play dough. They took turns scooping, measuring, pouring and mixing the ingredients. They loved watching the ingredients become something they so love to play with.  Then we added the play dough to the toys and games center. It is a popular center!

We also visited the library this week and Ms. Laurie read three books to us. We visit the library each week on Wednesday for story time. In a few weeks, the children will be able to check out a book to take home and share with his/her family. They are very excited for that.

So, in student teaching, there comes a time when you take over for the mentor teacher…and that time has arrived.  Last week I took over circle time and snack time with my A.M. students.  And next week, I will add the P.M. circle and snack time to my regular responsibilities.  I am very excited to get more things to do.  I can’t believe it’s been almost a month already.

Stay tuned for next week’s “Friday Flash.”

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