Taxing soda?

Lisa Powell

Lisa Powell, professor of health policy and administration. Photo: UIC Photo Services

“People who don’t spend a dollar on a sugar-sweetened beverage still have that dollar to spend elsewhere.”

Lisa Powell, professor of health policy and administration, on findings that taxing soda and sugar-sweetened beverages would have no negative effect on jobs, Feb. 13 National Journal


“I wonder how they are paying their bills.”

Rebecca Hendrick, professor of public administration, on suburban Harvey’s lack of audited financial reports, Feb. 11 Chicago Tribune


“Many cities have ignored the minor cracks and potholes, and now they’re getting big.”

Steve Schlickman, executive director of the Urban Transportation Center, on cities neglecting minor road damages that develop into gaping potholes, Feb. 12 ABC News


 “They will show the profound level of control that the coaches have over their lives and demonstrate how they generate enormous wealth for the school that is completely unrelated to any academic objective.”

Robert Bruno, professor and director of the Labor Education Program, on college football players quest for union representation, Feb. 12 ESPN

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