The little things

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Take a look at the skyline to make yourself happy.

With freezing temperatures, exams and late nights, it’s hard to see past the stressors in our lives right now. And while you may not have as much time as you’d like to relax or take a break, think about the small things in your day to day life that bring you happiness, peace and assurance. Focus on having more of those moments. Chances are, things will start looking up.

Need ideas/reminders of these kinds of things?


  • good food/ice cream in the cafeteria
  • a phone call from a family member or friend
  • waking up feeling rested
  • having class with a friend
  • a Target trip
  • not oversleeping
  • loving what you’re studying
  • realizing the days are getting longer
  • an easy homework assignment
  • having a good hair day
  • a good dream
  • a hug
  • having an interesting class
  • temperatures above freezing
  • doing well on a quiz
  • being in a good mood and not knowing why
  • being healthy
  • finding change on the ground
  • counting the days until spring break
  • having someone to talk to
  • petting a dog
  • seeing a friend by coincidence on campus
  • wearing an outfit you really like
  • sunny days


  • eat a piece of chocolate or candy when you need a pick me up
  • watch the Blackhawks
  • change your bed sheets more often
  • stay off your phone for a day
  • take an hour nap
  • wear fuzzy socks
  • spend five extra minutes in the shower
  • organize your sock drawer
  • check out the skyline
  • do your laundry
  • make plans for the future
  • sleep with a stuffed animal
  • plan your outfits ahead of time
  • look at cute animal videos
  • stretch
  • order your favorite drink from Starbucks or Dunkin
  • go to bed at the same time for a week (or more!)
  • take a deep breath
  • go for a walk in the city
  • remind someone that you love them


Holly Brenza (F)


Holly Brenza is a senior majoring in English and minoring in communications and management. In her spare time, Holly enjoys playing with her puppy, Bear, and watching the Blackhawks and White Sox, reading and trying out new recipes. After graduation, she hopes to work in public relations.


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