‘The Politics Classroom’ makes politics more understandable

A new podcast hosted by a UIC faculty member aims to make politics more understandable.

The Politics Classroom,” hosted by UIC faculty member Kate Floros, features interviews with academics and other professionals to provide an in-depth look at current political issues. Tune in from 5-6 p.m. Mondays on UIC Radio or the Radio Fx app to hear the podcast live. Listeners can also stream the podcast on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

“I created the show to help undergraduate students gain more context and background about what they see on the news,” said Floros, clinical assistant professor of political science. “It’s so infrequent that the media covers the backstory of current events, which makes what’s happening difficult to understand sometimes, and I wanted to clear up some of that confusion for students.”

Recent episodes have discussed issues such as pandemic fatigue, affirmative action, federal hiring policy and more.

In the episodes, Floros has conversations about topics, authors and books that some might not be familiar with, so she recently added The Bookshelf to her website, where podcast listeners can read more about episode topics.

“The Bookshelf posts have expanded to include information and publications of the podcast guests, the authors and books mentioned during the episode, and links to more information about the topics discussed,” Floros said.

Email kmfloros@uic.edu for more information on the podcast.

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