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Oh, the weather outside is frightful but the sushi is so delightful. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

One of the best things about living in Chicago is all the amazing restaurants and different cuisines that you can try. Trying out new cuisines is a mini-vacation for your mouth and stomach! Living in the city you don’t have to worry about trying to dig out your car and letting it warm up before you go somewhere,  then spending miles in the car trying to get to your destination. With the U-Pass you can easily take the L or the bus, or even walk to munch on some amazing food.

So, what to do on a Sunday when it’s snowing outside? Meet up some friends for lunch of course! After a crazy week of classes and internship work, it’s always fun to just relax with friends on a Sunday before the start of another crazy and hectic week. Taking a couple of hours to just relax, hang out and enjoy some amazing food makes the week ahead seem less overwhelming. And let’s be honest…nothing beats an all-you-can-eat sushi café! Yum! That’s how I like to spend my Sunday. I love the snow (the wind…not so much) and I will happily walk a few miles for some amazing sushi!

So, when you are stressing out about the school and work week, and feeling overwhelmed with classes, homework and papers to write just know that pretty soon Sunday will be here again. Take a few hours and meet up with some friends and just take a time-out. Now, you may not be as sushi obsessed as me or my friends…few people are! But there are so many amazing places to try in Chicago, and Taylor Street is always a good place to start.

Time to start your countdown to Sunday! What new place or cuisine will you try?


Aneta Murphy is a senior majoring in applied psychology and minoring in sociology. In her spare time, Aneta enjoys going to museums, hiking, biking, fishing and reading. You’ll often find her down on the lakefront trail riding her bike with her husband. She also loves to travel and explore new cities.


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