UIC LabShare Program, recycling coordinator facilitate delivery of $45K of labware to on-campus research teams

Balance table
A balance table is among equipment donated to UIC labs.

In February, the LabShare program, managed by the recycling coordinator Joe Iosbaker at the Office of Planning, Sustainability, and Project Management, received over $45,000 in equipment donations from Lanza Tech.

Lanza Tech is a private gas fermentation lab that has been developing a carbon capture technology that can turn carbon dioxide waste streams into ethanol that can be used for chemicals and fuel. It has recently grown a lot and had equipment — some brand new, some gently used — that it couldn’t deploy. They searched online for someplace to donate and found UIC’s LabShare.

Iosbaker then found labs in UIC’s bioengineering and chemical engineering departments that were eager to obtain the equipment, including balance tables made of marble and steel that provide the most stable surface possible for precision instruments to eliminate vibration, as well as bioreactors and flow meters.

UIC’s Transportation Services provided the safe transport of these supplies from Lanza Tech’s Skokie warehouse through an FMWeb request for services.

LabShare still has a small storeroom with beakers, flasks, test tubes, pipette tips, and other supplies available for departmental staff or students. If you are looking for lab equipment, shop first at Rheaply https://uic.rheaply.com/ or through our LabShare program.

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