UIC Revelry: a photographer’s perspective

Bright lights, fun shrills, and the wonderful smells of funnel cake and popcorn filled the air last weekend.

UIC Revelry once again brought the carnival into town for three days of fun, food and fare. The carnival, next to Spark, is my favorite event to take pictures at on campus. It’s a great place for exciting candids, and the brightly illuminated rides offer some amazing effects for photography. Everyone’s either laughing from excitement, or the overwhelming fear of heights has them laughing at their friend’s suggestions to ride the 50-foot swings.

As far as photography goes, the carnival is the absolute best spot to get different colored lights and shadows that just can’t be found anywhere else. Long exposures and neon lights help add much needed pizazz to any scene, but the carnivals rotating lights create amazing photographic compositions.

This year’s carnival definitely outshined last year’s. More rides, more games and fall weather made it enjoyable for all carnival fanatics. But the inclusion of Fireball (the infinite coaster) and taller and faster rides geared toward the college crowd definitely made it worth the trip.

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