UIC Zoom updates

Breakout Rooms

Zoom breakout room settings were recently updated to allow Zoom sessions to be split into up to 100 breakout rooms (previously limited to 50).

Breakout rooms are enabled by default for all UIC Zoom accounts and allow hosts to split Zoom meetings into smaller group sessions. Learn how to configure Zoom Breakout Rooms.

To access this expanded capability, Zoom meeting host accounts must be updated to at least version 5.2 (released in August 2020). Learn how you can check if your Zoom client is up to date.

Display Name

UIC Zoom settings have been updated to allow users to change their Display Name — the name you wish other people to know you by on Zoom. The Display Name could be your preferred name, nickname or another name. 

Zoom Display Names default to your university system name. Users can change their Display Name in their Zoom account under Profile.

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