Use Panopto for student video assignments

The use of video by UIC instructors has significantly increased, reflecting the general trend of reliance on multimedia sources to more fully engage students with educational material. However, the same cannot be said for the use of video submissions for student assignments.

Instructors are often concerned that submitting a video to satisfy an assignment might be time-consuming, is of less academic value, requires high levels of technological knowledge, or are not relevant to programs of study (outside the context of film, professional communication or marketing degrees, for example). But this doesn’t have to be the case.

The potential and benefits of video assignments

  • To a large extent, video assignments do not differ from more traditional assignments. For any assignment, instructors have a particular learning purpose, follow learning objectives and include assessment criteria or an assessment rubric.
  • In contrast to a typical in-class presentation that may get little feedback, video assignments can be powerful learning tools for students, as a persuasive visual argument requires deep, iterative conceptual and rhetorical thinking.
  • Research shows that students find video projects beneficial to their own understanding and mastery of a subject’s material. A study by Greene and Crespi (2012) looked at the perceived value of student-created videos as a tool for enhancing the student learning experience. The survey data revealed that, to students, such projects were creative, unique and educational.

What does CATE Recommend for creating video assignments?

Panopto is the university-supported, media-streaming and video-capture solution. Panopto offers students a secure method of sharing video content. This platform allows users to create, edit and add captions to videos. Panopto is easy to use, videos can be played back on any device, and its editor runs in any web browser.

Instructors can enable student use of Panopto in these ways:

For more information, please view Creativity takes courage: integrating video assignments into academic courses and blended programs or request an appointment with one of CATE’s Instructional Designers.

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