Vacation carry-over balances for Civil Service employees

Civil Service employees have until Sept. 18, 2021, to use any balance held in the VACC (Vacation Transfer Balance) leave category for this purpose. You should monitor and use this leave balance as well as your regular vacation leave balance to ensure you continue to accrue vacation leave according to your accrual schedule (A or B). View your leave balance on your Earnings Statement

How do I use my vacation time from this separate category?

  • Select Vacation Transfer Balance on your timesheet (may show as earnings code VCC when updating hours) in Banner Time Entry. Please reach out to your unit or department HR contact for assistance with reporting via other timekeeping systems.
  • Until you use all vacation hours in the VACC category, you will have two categories of vacation time available for use — your regular accrual (VACA – Vacation) and this separate category (VACC – Vacation Transfer Balance).

Please direct any questions to UIC Human Resources: at 312-413-3490 or

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