VoiceThread system maintenance


Please note that VoiceThread will be conducting backend updates and maintenance during two windows at the end of December.

Maintenance Window 1
VoiceThread will increase the security of user-uploaded media. There should not be a noticeable change with this update, but it is possible that there may be increased media load times temporarily.
Date: Dec. 27
Time: 8 a.m.
Impact: Possible slow media load times

Maintenance Window 2
VoiceThread will perform a database upgrade and maintenance. VoiceThread will be offline for eight hours. Users who attempt to access during this window will see a message that VoiceThread is down for maintenance. This information is also available on VoiceThread’s status page.
Date: Dec. 29
Time: 4 a.m.-noon
Impact: VoiceThread offline

Please feel free to contact VoiceThread if you have any questions.

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