Voters choose winner of Pop-Up Library contest

UIC student Juan Salgado took first place for his “Nomad” design in the Pop-Up Library Design Competition.

UIC student Juan Salgado has won the inaugural Pop-Up Library Design Competition for his winning design, “Nomad.”

Nomad will be fabricated in the coming months, at which point it will travel to on-campus events while featuring relevant books and other holdings that students may check out. The contest was sponsored by the UIC University Library Undergraduate Engagement Program.

Other entrants in the Pop-Up Library Design Competition are Anselmo Tovar and Trevor Carreon (“MLib” design) and Alvaro Ucha Rodriguez (“Si04” design). All participants are students in industrial design in the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts at UIC who worked on their projects with guidance from faculty members TJ O’Keefe and Brian Anderson. The students also received feedback on their concepts during the design process from Library faculty members Jennifer M. Jackson and Teresa Moreno.

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