Wepa Print App — new touchless printing

Wepa has added features to their mobile app, Wepa Print, which enables students to manage print jobs directly from their phone. Through the Wepa app, students can check their available print balance, locate print stations, and (with an iPhone or Android phone with NFC) release print jobs without having to use a print station’s touchscreen. The Wepa app is available in the App Store and Google Play.

The Wepa phone app can access files from Cloud Storage accounts like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and more. Once you release your documents to Wepa print, you can tap your phone or swipe your i-card to release your documents at an accessible Wepa print station.

Using Wepa Express, a new feature in the mobile app, you can also set up your document release ahead of time. You can release the documents at any print station through your phone or you can give a secure Wepa Code to another person to have them release the documents on your behalf. In the event you do not have access to the Wepa app, there are several other ways you can release documents to print including email, from your personal laptop, and from the Wepa website. Learn more about the touchless printing and how to print with Wepa accc.uic.edu/wepa-touch-free.

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