When is bring-your-family-to-school day?

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“What do you do in school?”
“Whoa, where’s this coming from mom? Do you need help with something again?”
“No, I just want to know what you do in school.”

Am I the only one who doesn’t know to articulate a response to this other than, “I get lost in BSB and eat Panda Express. I do a lot OK, mom? Trust.”

Bring your family to school dayI suppose it’s interesting that a place where I spend most all of my time is unknown to my mom. School is very much the key player in my life now, and yet, seemingly a mystery to the people who matter most.

“Yeah, so this BSB building, it’s…complicated and…looks like a spaceship from the top..kinda?”

Explaining how I do school? Oh boy, that’s a tough one. If only UIC would do this for me — you know, explain the life I live here for me. Oh wait, UIC will.

UIC’s Family Weekend is happening today through Saturday to let your family experience your life in UIC. The two-day event involves trips around the city, a Bulls game, food and tours around our campus. Intrigued? Yeah, me too! Let’s explore the highlights…

Friday: Our weekend begins today with events for the family.

  • UIC Theater Reception
  • UIC Theater Performance: The Last Days of Judas Iscariot
  • UIC Flames Family Fun Fest: casino night, sundae bar, screening of “Spiderman,” homecoming, photo opp with Sparky Jr. and bowling. Stop by the Family Fun Zone, where the Student Activities Board will have games and free food for family members of all ages! You can also answer UIC trivia to win prizes!

Saturday: Today is the day you’ll need to put your tennis shoes on

  • Flames Family Brunch
  • Family Rock Climbing: sessions at the rock climbing wall in the Student Recreation Facility and full day access to the gym!
  • UIC sessions by campus departments will give your parents the rundown of learning and resources on campus.
  • Flames in the City : specially priced tickets to the Chicago museums, Broadway’s Motown, Chicago Bulls game and Segway tours!
  • Flames Family Tailgate & Flames Men’s Soccer Game

These were the events I was most excited about, but there’s so much more to do this weekend! Perhaps it’s time to bring your family to UIC so that they can experience part of your life with you….and never wonder why you constantly get lost in a building you’ve had classes in for the past semester.

Full list of events and details: http://bit.ly/2y1waDO

Trixha Wu

Trixha Wu is a full-time business marketing student and part-time fun-fact buff. Her interests vary from traveling, to puns, to the history of Vikings. When she’s not busy reading fan theories about White Walkers, she’s listening to the smooth sounds of Death Cab for Cuties. French fries are her ultimate weakness, and she spends too much time on Instagram @trixhawu

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