Where to get your caffeine fix on campus

Coffee Spots - Argo Tea (F)

Katya Ratneva, junior in economics, gets her coffee at Argo Tea. Photo: Joseph Horejs


Socializing and studying both benefit from caffeination. There are plenty of places on campus to enjoy a cup of morning joe — or afternoon and evening joe.

Here’s the list of spots that serve coffee from early morning to evening. Check hours online.

Argo Tea
Student Center East

The newest place on campus to order coffee opened June 8, with coffee and all manner of teas. Customers can order their beverage by smartphone app, available for iPhone and Android.

Coffee Spots - Au Bon Pain

Ryan Schulz, freshman in graphic design, fuels up at Au Bon Pain. Photo: Joseph Horejs

Au Bon Pain
Behavioral Sciences Building

Coffee and espresso, plus fresh-baked croissants and cookies, breakfast sandwiches, hot and cold sandwiches, soups and salads.

Bull Market
Douglas Hall

A modern feel, with high-top stools and tables by huge windows overlooking campus. The pastries are made fresh daily, so get there early.

Cruisin’ Café
Student Services Building

The next time you’re in the Student Services Building getting an i-card, figuring out financial aid or learning about jobs at the Student Employment Office, check out this convenience cart. It offers coffee, cold beverages and snacks.

Café Descartes
Student Center West
Student Center East 

Student Center West: between the Medical Bookstore and Subway, it’s a convenient place to grab coffee, tea and a huge cookie.

Student Center East: near the exit to the Lecture Center Plaza, with chocolate-filled croissants and huge cookies in addition to coffee and tea.

The Daley Grind
Daley Library

Located in the library next to the IDEA Commons, it’s the place to grab a coffee and donut or croissant before homework.

DSC_3314 dunkin

Freshman design student Asha Whitehorne at Dunkin’ Donuts. Photo: Joseph Horejs

Dunkin’ Donuts
Student Center East

Can’t go wrong with nice hot coffee and a delicious donut. They also have a variety of healthy options made with egg whites, and a 99-cent menu.

Halsted Station Convenience Store
Student Center East

Starting a long day and need to grab a snack and a hot cup of coffee before class? The shop has candy, cookies, sandwiches, sushi and more.

Morgan Street Station
Behavioral Sciences Building

Perfect for that 15-minute period between classes. It’s under the same roof as Au Bon Pain and a nice seating area is right outside.


Rebecca Port Student Center & Café
University Hall

The Port Center offers a quiet atmosphere and natural sunlit spaces and the café has a variety of food and coffee.

Tropical Smoothie Café
Student Recreation Facility
School of Public Health 

Two locations on the west side of campus, with coffee smoothies or fruit smoothies.

Union Station Café
Student Center West

Hot and cold Starbucks coffee and healthy snacks, including yogurt and parfaits.

Wood Street Station
Clinical Sciences Building

Juices, Starbucks coffee, milk and pastries (they go fast!).

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