World’s Fair showcases campus diversity

UIC World's Fair poster


That’s the theme of the inaugural UIC World’s Fair, 3 to 7 p.m. Thursday at the Student Recreation Facility.

“Embracing diversity, embracing collaboration,” said Nikki Lindroth, assistant program director for Campus Programs.

“Hopefully, that can add to every student’s experience. We really want to create loyalty to UIC.”

The UIC World’s Fair mimics the 1893 World’s Columbian Exhibition, which took place in Chicago.

“The whole purpose [of the 1893 World’s Fair] was to showcase that Chicago was this upcoming city, because it was just two decades after the Chicago Fire,” Lindroth said.

Thursday’s event showcases what the city and UIC have to offer.

“We need to embrace the fact that we’re in this cosmopolitan city and really show off all of our assets and our diversity, and individuality is one of those assets,” Lindroth said.

The event includes cultural dances, Zumba and yoga classes and historical lectures on the 1893 World’s Columbian Exhibition led by Field Museum staff members. Participants can enter a raffle to win tickets to the Field Museum World’s Fair exhibition.

Student organizations such as the Polish American Students’ Association, Filipinos in Alliance and Alternative Spring Break will represent UIC’s diversity. A special Taste of UIC event will be held during the fair.

“Some groups will be part of the fair itself, where they might be doing a certain class or a craft that’s representative of their group,” Lindroth said.

Bonzi Bikes, which let users pedal in a complete 360-degree circle, will perform.

“It’s our take on the amusement,” Lindroth said.

Lindroth hopes that students will have a good time while learning about UIC and its urban setting.

“Having fun is a big piece of it, but to also become educated about Chicago, the college itself, the people around them.”

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