WTTW-TV to air documentary featuring UIC students on Artic adventure

UIC student researchers traveled the Canadian Arctic aboard the Oden.

A documentary film featuring a UIC research team’s 2019 Northwest Passage Project expedition through the Canadian Arctic aboard the Swedish icebreaker Oden will air April 18 (1 p.m.) and April 22 (3:30 a.m.) on WTTW-TV Channel 11.

“Frozen Obsession” follows the 18-day, 2,000-mile journey of the UIC students who joined other students and researchers from across the country to advance the understanding of the changing Arctic region and the scientific research being conducted there.

Members of the expedition included Cynthia Garcia, Frances Crable, Theressa Ewa, Humair Raziudin, and Samira Umar, who all represent multiple backgrounds and academic interests. They also have created an introductory video summarizing the four-year journey leading to the documentary.

During the expedition the Northwest Passage Project research team studied water chemistry, microbiology, birds, marine mammals, and physical oceanography, which are changing as a result of the warming Arctic climate. In addition to documenting at-sea research, “Frozen Obsession” explores the rich cultural heritage and natural history of the region.

The project’s UIC faculty liaisons were Miquel Gonzalez-Meler, professor of biological sciences, and Max Berkelhammer, associate professor of earth and environmental sciences.

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