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The UIC Radio team!


Actually no one has ever told me that, but I have always had a knack for listening to music. In my junior year here at UIC, I realized that a lot of music professionals started out at their college radio station, so I thought I should follow in their footsteps. I attended a few UIC Radio events to get some more information on what being a DJ is like and before I knew it I was sitting in their office having my interview.

I knew I wanted to bring my taste of music to the radio, which is rock music, but that includes all subgenres. I wanted listeners to get a new view of UIC Radio, because most of the time when I asked friends about UIC Radio they said one of the two.

 “We have a radio station?” or  “All they play is hip-hop or rap.”

For this reason, I knew I wanted students to get excited about having a radio station, show them how awesome music can be and to see UIC Radio as the hub for all genres of music. I want students to get the chance to win tickets to shows or even meet some of their favorite artists.  This was and still continues to be my mission.

Beyond the Barrier (every Sunday from noon – 2 p.m.) is the name of my show and it turned out to be so much fun to play any music I wanted and bring in artists to interview. I learned a lot about running a radio show, what it entails, and how much fun it is. I loved it so much that I wanted to be part of UIC Radio even more by running for an E-Board position.

Fast-forward to the present and here I am as the assistant marketing director for UIC Radio. With my amazing executive board by my side we hope to bring UIC Radio to a whole new level. We have covered festivals and shows, interviewed  some musicians and much more. We have big plans for the coming school and hope that you can join us for the ride.

Applications are available for DJs and bloggers for UIC Radio.


Kris Fuentes Cortes (F)
Kris Fuentes Cortes is a senior in communication, a Boston native, an active student around campus, and a dreamer of working in the world of music. She wants to become a tour manager for a band and travel internationally while she’s still young. She’s the assistant marketing director for UIC Radio.


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