FOR CHICAGO: Brand overview for UIC Athletics

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The University of Illinois Chicago stands alone as Chicago’s largest institution and its only public research university. The 50,000+ members of our campus community and our 285,000 living alumni embody the pride and spirit of our great city. We are, and will always remain, FOR CHICAGO.

The Chicago Fire of 1871, also called the Great Chicago Fire, burned from October 8-10, and left an area four miles long and a mile wide of the Windy City in ruins. Following the blaze the city rebuilt, and reemerged as a cultural and economic hub, allowing its visitors and residents to prosper and move forward. We are the UIC Flames, named in reference to the Great Chicago Fire as well as the progress, transformation, innovation and resurgence that came afterwards.

The brand renewal project was led by Senior Associate Athletics Director Dan Yopchick and Director of Brand Strategy Kyle Decker of Flames Athletics, together with graphic designer Laura White and Doron Tamari, Senior Manager for Innovation, Darius Thomas, graphic designer, and the team at 4FRONT. Months of research and hours of focus group discussion with current UIC students and student-athletes, former letterwinners and UIC alumni, coaches and athletics staff, university colleagues, our partners at adidas and other stakeholders, generated the ideas and insights that resulted in this branding work.

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