Sending Announcements / DDDH

There are various campus-wide options for communicating with faculty, staff and students at UIC. Official communications are sent from administrative offices such as the University President, Chancellor, Provost or other Vice Chancellors and may be sent by email or posted on UIC today. Deans, Directors and Department Head (DDDH) messages are sent by email. Announcements are published on UIC today only. To submit an Announcement, Official or DDDH message, use the request form below. The UIC Calendar of Events also allows for posting daily events and activities on campus.

Announcement/Official/DDDH request form


Announcements can be submitted by any UIC e-mail user for a fee of $125. They are restricted to events on campus or sponsored by campus units such as a lecture, workshop, civic event, campus initiative, award or research. Announcements are subject to the following guidelines:

All announcements, whether from campus units or registered student organizations, must comply with University Policy for Publishing on the Internet; with the federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003; and with the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act of the Illinois Compiled Statutes, particularly the sections relating to prohibited political activities (5 ILCS 430/5-15) and public service announcements and other promotional material (5 ILCS 430/5-20). Any announcement that meets the CAN-SPAM Act’s definition of a commercial message must be related to University business.

Notices seeking volunteers for research studies must comply with federal guidelines and IRB-approved protocols for participant recruitment and are the sole responsibility of the investigator.

Please submit announcement requests by noon one-and-a-half business days prior to the desired delivery date. Due to heavy volume, please do not submit more than three days prior to desired date of receipt.

Messages must be submitted using the online form. HTML announcements will not be accepted. If promoting a website, be sure to include the entire web address, including the http://

If your message links to a PDF file, the PDF should be created in an accessible manner and be noted as an accessible PDF file. Accessible PDF files allow people with disabilities to access the file information with their assistive technology. For information and training on creating accessible PDF files, please refer to Resources For Making Non-HTML Content More Accessible on the Information Technology @ UIC site.


Payment forms accepted: CFOAP (campus units), Check (UIC student groups only)


Administration-related email messages can be sent to Deans, Directors, and Department heads (DDDH) for $35. These messages are sent in an HTML template with a special DDDH masthead. They will not be posted on UIC today.


Subscribe to UIC announcements for Deans, Directors and Department Heads

Note: If you have a email address or you do not have a UIN, please email to sign up for Deans, Directors and Department Heads announcements.

Other publicity options are described on the Communicating on Campus page.