2022 Urban Forum: Urban Resilience: An Inclusive Recovery

Join us for our virtual event April 20 from 9 a.m.-noon.

The global pandemic and the fracturing of societal norms and institutions across all sectors of urban life have been experienced as a collective trauma. But the impact on our citizenry has not been equally experienced. The inequities in housing, access to health care, labor benefits, social justice and education — among other critical areas that have long been the reality of urban life — came into stark relief as the stressors of a massive public health crisis threw a spotlight on disparities that disproportionately affected and threatened the lives of our communities of color.

The 2022 Urban Forum will focus on our recovery from the global pandemic. The recovery will be an opportunity for permanent change, but how do we ensure that it is inclusive and enduring? How do we permanently rectify the systemic inequities that led to horrific suffering and loss of life in our underserved neighborhoods? How can we reframe, remake and rebuild so that all communities participate fully in our urban recovery? Speakers, panels and papers will help consider how the health of our cities and urban resilience will be measured by our success in including all of our citizens in a shared recovery.

For more information, please contact:
Jennifer Sweeney

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