Acadly Enterprise Pilot Program

Ready to test a new “online classroom?” Many UIC instructors have used the Basic version of Acadly, which is free, to take attendance in the classroom for years. Acadly Enterprise is being piloted at UIC during the Spring 2021 semester to bring an improved experience to on-campus flexible classes and online synchronous classes for both students and faculty.

The Enterprise version of Acadly includes Blackboard and Zoom integration and is available to all UIC professors now as part of the pilot. The following is included in the Enterprise license:

  1. Students in your course appear automatically in Acadly
  2. Students can attend your Zoom synchronous classes within Acadly
  3. Students can chat, answer polls or take quizzes during your Zoom session and have those activities available even after the class is over
  4. Students can automatically see their grades for class activities and attendance in Blackboard

For an introduction of Acadly Enterprise for UIC, watch (five-minute video)

Here are other getting started videos:

Before you import a Blackboard course into Acadly, you can also try out the product by setting up a trial course.

Finally, here are video tutorials on how to use Acadly:

For a full list of Acadly features, visit

If you are interested in using Acadly Enterprise, contact the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) at


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