Affordable care

Elizabeth Calhoun

Elizabeth Calhoun, professor of health policy and administration

“It’s obviously a rush, but we feel confident we can get it done. We have to. There are so many people who still don’t know this can help them.”

Elizabeth Calhoun, professor of health policy and administration, on a training program the School of Public Health is conducting for navigators who will help people figure out their health insurance options under the new Affordable Care Act, Sept. 24 Chicago Tribune


“It’s desirable to imagine life without breast cancer. We’re not at the point where we have a vaccine for it or we can prevent 100 percent, buts there’s a lot of things on the horizon that are encouraging.”

Denise Mammolito, assistant professor of surgery at Peoria, on advances in breast cancer research, Sept. 27


“You need a license to sell a hot dog. Association managers need to be licensed and have background checks.”

Evan McKenzie, associate professor of political science, on the increase in disputes between residents and homeowners associations, Sept. 26 Investor’s Business Daily

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